How to replace white wheat flour

How to replace white wheat flour

You love to treat yourself to sweets. And you know the fastest way to cheer up – a piece of cake, or may be two pieces.

The cake is so sweet, nutritious, made from white wheat flour.

Then, as usual, after that extra centimeters will appear on your waist.

And somehow the mood is again not very …

But you can find another option.

And now I want to tell you how to replace white wheat flour.

There are several types of healthy flours – coconut, oatmeal, almond, flaxseed, amaranth, and whole grain.

And now about each type of flour in more detail:

Coconut flour

Coconut flour

Features of coconut flour:

  • Coconut flour is very healthy. It contains proteins, fats, fiber and minerals (iron and potassium).
  • Coconut flour, unlike wheat flour, does not contain gluten.
  • This flour is ideal for making a variety of desserts, especially muffins. She has a very pleasant sweetish taste. It absorbs liquid well. Take this into account when baking. Coconut flour makes delicious bread.
  • Coconut flour is high in antioxidants and has antimicrobial properties.

Oat flour

Oatmeal has been used in baking for a long time.

And now this healthy flour is in different recipes.

These are cookies, muffins, bread.

Oatmeal Benefits:

  • Gluten free.
  • Cleans the body of toxins and lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Contains fiber, vitamins and minerals – magnesium, potassium, iron.
  • Oat flour is rich in amino acids and proteins. Which makes it a valuable sports nutrition product.

When buying oat flour, pay attention to the date of manufacture. Buy only fresh food. Stuck flour may taste bitter. By the way, you can make oat flour at home. To do this, grind oat flakes or bran in a blender or coffee grinder.

And you will always have fresh flour.

Almond flour

Almond flour

Almond flour is a delicious and healthy product. You can also do it yourself at home. You need to grind peeled almonds in a blender.

It is also necessary to take into account the peculiarity of almond flour – it absorbs moisture well. Baked goods made with this flour are especially airy, with a delicious texture and pleasant taste.

Benefits of Almond Flour:

  • Gluten free.
  • Almond flour contains many vitamins, minerals, saturated fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Nutritious product.

Although, if you are monitoring calories, then almond flour is not recommended for you. It is also not suitable for those with nut allergies.

Whole grain flour

As the name implies, this flour is made by grinding whole grains without further sifting. All vitamins and minerals remain in such flour. Also, whole grain flour is rich in fiber. Which has a positive effect on digestion.

Whole grain flour

Whole grain flour is made from wheat and spelled.

But there are also disadvantages…

One of them is the presence of gluten. Also, whole grain flour can irritate the stomach lining.

Consider this. Wholegrain baked goods are not as pure white as premium flour. But much more useful.

Rice flour

And here is another useful substitute for white wheat flour – rice flour. It does not have its own taste and smell. Suitable for baking biscuits, muffins and homemade bread.

Rice flour

Rice flour is gluten free. So, it goes well with cornstarch. It gives elasticity to rice flour.

Flour comes from white, brown and glutinous rice.

The important thing is that rice flour is gluten free. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Amaranth flour

Amaranth flour is a very healthy product. It is good to add 10-15% of the total flour to a recipe.

The benefits of amaranth flour:

  • Gluten free.
  • Flour is rich in vitamins and minerals: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, sodium. It contains the amino acid lysine.
  • Good for the cardiovascular system and digestion.
  • Amaranth flour contains protein.

As you can see, we can replace white wheat flour with another one that is more beneficial for our health and shape.

But to check how effective it is, you need to try. You yourself will be surprised!

And I still have a lot of interesting things for you.

Would you like more information?

Be healthy and love yourself!

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