Sugar, white flour and fatigue

Sugar, white flour and fatigue

Today I want to talk with you on a topic that is quite relevant now: how to overcome fatigue.

In our dynamic times, fatigue has already become the norm. We want to do everything at once, and we are constantly in a hurry, in a hurry. And over time, we get so used to this general fatigue that we are already trying not to pay attention to this problem.

And then there may be consequences …

What to do? You can’t give up important things, careers and business. Of course not.

But we can easily give up harmful ingredients that are often the cause of fatigue. You just need to remove some unhealthy foods from your diet.

What food products have the most detrimental effect on our body and cause fatigue?

Refined sugar

Many people mistakenly believe that the usual white sugar provides energy. But, maybe you noticed that usually after a piece of cake or candy for some reason you want to sleep. Fatigue appears. And again we need something sweet.

And where is cheerfulness here?

White wheat flour

An addiction to sweet white wheat flour baked goods often leads to excess weight, drowsiness and other unpleasant moments. By the way, scientists note that eating white flour products (bread, rolls and pasta) causes an increased feeling of fatigue. This is due to the fact that white flour contains only a small amount of fiber and there are no useful elements at all.

Trans fats

Trans fats are also “bad” foods that lower energy levels. They fats interfere with proper metabolism, which leads to various diseases.

It’s no secret that margarine is usually used in large quantities in the manufacture of store baked goods. And margarine contains 20-40% trans fats.

Such is the picture.

But we can replace these harmful ingredients with products that are useful for us:

  • Instead of refined sugar, we use natural healthy sweeteners: Jerusalem artichoke syrup, coconut sugar, dates or a little honey.
  • We will replace white wheat flour with useful types of flour – whole grain, oatmeal, coconut, rice and others.
  • And instead of margarine, we take tasty and healthy coconut oil.

As you can see, food choices require a serious approach.

And for lovers of tasty and sweet things, there are quite affordable and healthy ingredients. It remains only to prepare the right desserts. And this is a great way to fight fatigue and improve your mood!

Are you trying to raise your energy with healthy desserts or are you still shopping cakes and sweets?

Be healthy and love yourself!

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