Dried cranberries in desserts

Dried cranberries in desserts

Dried cranberries are a tasty and healthy product. In dried form, cranberries retain useful substances for a long time. And it is not inferior in its properties to fresh berries. In addition, dried cranberries are much easier to store.

The benefits of dried cranberries

Dried cranberries contain many vitamins and minerals. And it has a beneficial effect on the human body:

  • The antioxidant properties of cranberries promote cell rejuvenation. Cranberry tea cleanses the body of pathogenic bacteria.
  • The high content of vitamin C strengthens the immune system and fights colds.
  • Normalizes bowel function and increases appetite.
  • Stimulates the brain and strengthens memory.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Helps with diseases of the oral cavity.

Dried cranberries are a natural antibiotic. But besides usefulness, it also has contraindications.

Dried cranberries in desserts


Excessive consumption of cranberries can affect the acidity of the stomach. Which in turn will cause digestive problems. It is not recommended to use cranberries for people with high acidity, peptic ulcers, gastritis and heartburn.

The use of cranberries in cooking

Dried cranberries have found their place in various recipes. Starting with tea and ending with a variety of pastries.

Vegan Cookies

Cranberry tea is a very healthy drink. Especially in cold weather. It is very easy to prepare it. To do this, put a tablespoon of berries in a cup and pour boiling water over it. Leave to infuse for at least 20 minutes. You can insist longer. So that the infusion does not cool too quickly, wrap the cup in a towel. You can add some sweetener if you wish.

Banana bread

Very often I use dried cranberries as a filling in various desserts. These are cookies, buns and bars. Dried cranberries add their sweet and sour flavor to desserts. Light sourness of dried cranberries makes the taste of baking more varied. Before adding cranberries to the dough, soak them in hot water for 10 minutes. To make her softer.

As you can see, dried cranberries are a very healthy and tasty product.

Be healthy and love yourself!

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